All carpets of our carpets are designed for various locations in your home. We can give you sound advice on making that final decision in choosing your new carpet, whether it is for a high traffic hallway, a bedroom or lounge. Choosing the right carpet for the area for each area of your home is of paramount importance to ensure you get the best longevity out of your investment. You will find that it pays dividends to spend slightly more for higher quality carpets for areas of high wear such as hallways and living areas, but you may well be able to save on those areas that will be getting less wear and tear such as a bedroom.


Today’s living rooms are multifunctional spaces in most busy households. They can be used as a games room, for dinners in front of the TV, a space for excited kids and pets to play plus relaxing with that evening glass of wine. All of this will demand a carpet that is hard-wearing and easy to clean whilst looking great. Look for those that offer a high pile density, consider a carpet with a stain-resistant treatment, particularly if you have kids or pets.


The bedroom is about luxury and comfort; a nice deep pile will bring the ultimate softness to your toes. Bedrooms generally are not subject to such heavy footfall as the main areas of the home, so you can afford to use a slightly less dense carpet and hence save a little to spend on a living room.

Dining Room

Whilst a dining room may not experience as much traffic as living rooms, they are even more likely to get stained and generally by spillages that can do maximum damage. Red wine, sauces and soups can all cause permanent damage if your carpet if it isn’t carefully chosen. For this reason, choose a carpet with a high pile density, but take care to clean spills quickly. Choosing a carpet with a stain-resistant treatment is also advisable.

Stairs and Hall

Carpeted stairs are great for keeping noise level down, but are also subject to a considerable amount of wear and tear, especially on the edges. Therefore choose a hardwearing and dense carpet. Go for pale colours on a narrow stairway to create the illusion of space and light or go for the latest trend with a striped carpet.

Call the Floorstore on 01773 303698 for further details and advice on choosing your next carpet. We will always guide you to the most appropriate carpet for your needs and budget, we will never just offer the most expensive carpet but will make sure you get great value for your money at all times.